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My Background


Mary Ann Pirozzi-Bond has degrees in both Human Physiology and Chemistry in addition to her Doctorate of Chiropractic and has been in active clinical practice for over 26 years.

She continues to enjoy learning and has received multiple certifications in an effort to be better able to help her patients with the various conditions they experience.


Dr. Pirozzi-Bond runs a patient-based chiropractic practice and addresses the individual needs of all of her patients. She has multiple modalities that help her with treatment

that allows patients to increase their strength and function and give them more pain relief.

Dr. Pirozzi-Bond was born and raised in San Pedro and understands the chiropractic needs of the community she serves.

Recreationally, she enjoys scuba diving and travel and spending time with family and friends.

My Approach

"So many patients come into my office and getting treatment from me is their first chiropractic experience. I take that responsibility seriously and am always learning new techniques, acquiring new certifications and bringing in new technology to ensure they have a positive experience and improvement of their symptoms.

There is joy in seeing patients go back to playing with their grandkids again, getting them back to work so they can provide for their family or helping them with sports injuries, so that they all can get back to doing what they enjoy, pain-free."

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