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DesBio HA2cg Evolution Homeopathic

For temporary relief of symptoms related to increased appetite, regulation of fat metabolism, headache and fatigue.

DesBio HA2cg Evolution Weight Loss Drops


Safely manage your weight with DesBio hA2cg Evolution homeopathic drops for weight loss. Combined with the Evolution Weight Management Program, DesBio homeopathic weight loss drops help you lose weight quickly without harmful additives. This formula contains only two active amino acid chain groups that target weight loss, plus a few supplements — everything you need to lose weight and nothing you don't.

To use your homeopathic HCG drops, simply place the recommended number of drops underneath your tongue. The drops enter your bloodstream and start working as soon as possible. When you combine these drops with the Evolution Weight Management Program, you'll get 21 homeopathic ingredients working together during your weight loss journey.

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