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Dry Sauna

The health benefits of using a Dry Sauna.

Dry Sauna increases circulation


A dry sauna is a safe, enclosed room with temperatures reaching 195°F. The sole purpose of dry saunas is to promote relaxation and health through heavy sweating. They use dry heat and low moisture levels, unlike steam rooms that take advantage of wet heat and 100% humidity.


The interior must have proper insulation and typically comprises unpainted moisture-resistant wooden slats and benches. An electric heater filled with rocks and wall-mount controls are also compulsory.

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Benefits Of Using A Dry Sauna


1. Cardiovascular Health

Even a starter-kit dry sauna can boost the overall body circulation. Regular treatments stimulate the internal layer of blood vessels, and this helps blood pressure regulation. The induced sweat also speeds up the blood flow and enhances your heart health.


More so, weekly sauna sessions fight arterial stiffness and strengthen the dilation of blood vessels. Research has shown that men who made up to seven trips to the sauna per week had a 50% reduced risk of elevated blood pressure.


In most cases, circulation improvements resemble the effects of moderate exercise. Plus, due to the increased circulation, frequent sauna exposure can improve your stamina and athletic performance.

2. Toxins Elimination
Your body is prone to absorbing harmful elements that must get disposed of through urine, blood, or perspiration. Hence, heavy sweating is one of the healthiest ways to eliminate toxins. To illustrate, phthalates (found in cosmetics, utensils, and paints) get released twice more in sweat than in urine.

3. Improved Mental Health

Besides physical benefits, dry saunas treat your mind in a calming way. Sauna chambers are comfortable, peaceful, and dark places, so they boost your emotional and mental wellbeing. Basking in a dry heat sauna will help your mind relax by enabling it to escape from reality.


At first, you’ll experience deep relaxation and stress relief that can lower the risk of various mental disorders. Moreover, sauna heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates the production of endorphins. These hormones are natural chemicals that make you feel good and glow after sauna exposure.

4. Skin Care And Exfoliation

Spending time in a dry sauna is a true gift for your skin health. One way to enhance your epidermis is to bring more nutrients to the skin surface to stimulate cell growth. Luckily, each sauna session will do exactly that, plus open up pores.


Dry saunas also reduce skin irritation and inflammation. That’s because heavy sweating has a cleansing effect and removes impurities from the outer skin layers. After a few sessions, you will notice that the dry, itchy, red patches improve. Some users have witnessed acne, eczema, and psoriasis alleviation.


Saunas will also relax facial tension and moisturize your skin. The emitted heat activates the sebaceous glands, which produce a fatty substance that lubricates the skin surface. Increased sebum production leads to luscious, rejuvenated skin with a hydrated glow.

5. Weight Loss Aid
Let’s first make clear that dry saunas aren’t supposed to be weight loss mechanisms. Keeping fit is a complex process that involves physical exercise and a proper diet. However, using a sauna blanket or chamber after workouts can facilitate your efforts to lose weight.

Sweating can lead to losing water weight, too. High temperatures increase the heart rate, like when you work out, and the body starts to burn calories. This process speeds up your metabolism and helps you regulate body weight and appetite surges.
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6. Muscles And Joints Recovery

Intense physical activity activates your muscles, and microscopic tears form as a result of strain. Though these tears will make your body toned, you will probably experience cramps, soreness, and inflammation.

So, if you want to strengthen your musculature, it needs to heal first. That’s where heat comes in handy. Dry sauna sessions will stimulate blood circulation and thus speed up muscle recovery. The accelerated bloodstream brings more oxygen to the muscles and thus relieves tension.


Infrared dry saunas also reduce inflammatory markers. Indeed, one pilot study demonstrated alleviated pain and rheumatism with possible long-term beneficial effects. Even stiffened joints and connective tissues have responded positively to heat.

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